Repairs and Maintenance


Yash engineers undertake Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for pollution monitoring equipments like HVS, Stack kit, RDS of any make.
Further repairing and calibration of High volume air samplers and stack monitoring kit is also undertaken at our service station at Vadodara.

Scope of Annual Maintenance contract:

Annual maintenance contracts cover regular check-ups and routine work to regulate the performance and quality output. The AMC will comprise of the following services:
Complete Servicing of the instrument
Replacement of all rubber tubing and checking of leak test
Cleaning of the rotameters / Manifolds and other accessories.
Expert services for non performing system ( Replacement of spare part under clients scope)
Preparing maintenance schedule for bi monthly and annually.
Conducting annual Calibration of the equipment
Training to operating staff for correct sampling techniques
Our representative will visit your office two times in a year for maintenance.

Advantages of Annual Maintenance contract:

Cost Effectiveness:

Scheduled maintenance minimizes equipment deterioration.
Equipment service life is extended and total maintenance costs are reduced since possibilities of malfunctions are decreased.


The maintenance and inspection specified in the contracts ensure that instrument function properly.
The maintenance and inspection specified in the contracts help prevent equipment problems on site.

Prompt Response:

Since, our service engineers maintain a proper record of your instrument through periodic checks, they can provide the information promptly and accurately regarding healthiness of the equipment and remaining life.
Customers covered under the AMC get faster response as there is a dedicated team of trained engineers only for the customers covered under AMC scheme.