Yash Stack Kit

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Yash Stack kit is a basic instrument used for particulate matters (PM) under isokinetic conditions and gaseous pollutants in flue gas emitted from the stack / Chimney.


Compact design for field use
Handy and Digital manometer and temperature indicator
Including condenser unit for moisture determination
Including Dry gas meter as per ASTM / CPCB requirements


Stack velocity range : 0 to 30 m/sec
Stack Temperature range : 0 to 600 deg C
Particulate sampling : 10 to 40 lpm
Gaseous sampling : 0 to 10 lpm

Pitot tube:
Modified S-Type Pitot tube will be fabricated from SS- 304. Standard length 1.5 meter

Sampling Probe:
Fabricated from SS- 304 Standard length 1.0 meter

A set of three nozzles fabricated from SS-304 With internal diameter of 1/2 “, 1/4″, 3/8″.

Thimble holder :
Filter thimble holder will be fabricated from SS 316 suitable to hold cellulose and glass fibre thimbles.

Thermocouple sensor with digital display for measuring temperature of 0 to 600 deg C. Sensor is covered with Stainless steel with digital hand held temperature indicator

Inclined manometer:
Digital hand held meter for the measurement of differential pressure for flue gas velocity.

0 to 30 lpm Rotameter for particulate sampling and 0 to 3/6 lpm for the gaseous monitoring.

For moisture determination separate condenser is provided ( Optional).

Interconnection and tubing:
Metal braided flexible hose of suitable size for interconnection will be provided.

Vacuum pump :
Monoblock type, Rotary design with a capacity of 0 to 70 lpm free gas flow with single phase 220 V AC motor coupled with the vacuum pump will be provided.