Yash RDS Sampler

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Yash Respirable Dust sampler is used for the measurement of suspended particulate matter having size of 10 micron in ambient air using high volume of air with flow arte of 1.1 M3/Min. It includes cyclone assembly with sharp cutoff ( D50 at 10 microns) for separation of coarser particles from the air stream. PM 10 particles are collected on 8 “ x 10 “ size GF filter paper. Yash RDS also measures total suspended particulate matter (TSPM) in ambient air by adding PM 10 particles measured on filter paper and coarser particles collected in cyclone cup.


Brushless and belt less blower with less noise to reduce maintenance due to breakage of belt

Including gaseous assembly

Compact design for field operation

Same instrument can be used for PM 10 and TSPM sampling


Flow Rate: 0.9 – 1.4 m3 /min free flow

Particle Size: Particles of 10 microns & below collected on Filter Paper holder. SPM bigger than 10 microns
collected in a separate sampling bottle under the cyclone

Sampling Time Record: 0 to 9999.99 hrs. recorded on a Time Totalizer

Power requirement:  Nominal 220 V, Single Phase, 50Hz AC mains supply.

Automatic Sampling: 24 hrs programmable timer to automatically shut off the system after pre-Control set time interval.

Warranty: One year