Yash PM 2.5 sampler

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Yash PM 2.5 sampler is a advanced sampler for the measurement of particulate matter less than 2.5 micron size i.e. PM 2.5. This sampler can also be used for the measurement of particulate matter less than 10 micron size i.e. PM 10 in the ambient air. Yash PM 2.5 sampler is designed to meet with USEPA reference method and guidelines for PM 2.5.
Yash PM 2.5 consists of specially designed inlet, PM 10 size particulate matter separator, WINS impactor and filter holder for 47 mm diameter filter paper, flow measurement system, and vacuum pump.


Manufactured as per USEPA design
Brushless vacuum pump with less noise.
Including gaseous assembly
Compact design for field operation
Same instrument can be used for PM 10 and PM 2.5 sampling

DETAILED SPECIFICATION FOR THE PM 2.5 sampler: ( with electronic control module):


Particle Size : Omni-directional air inlet with PM 10 separation through an impactor followed by

PM 2.5 separation through a WINS Impactor.

Sampling Flow rate and Volume Measurement : Flow rate is inferred from the inlet air pressure, its temperature and differential pressure across an orifice and corrected for actual operating conditions.

Flow Control System and element: Electronic and flow proportioning valve

Accuracy of control: Better than +/- 2% over 24 hours @ 16.7 LPM

Volume Measurement: Units : M3 Resolution : 0.01 M3 Totalisation and updating periodicity : 5 seconds from above flow rate

Display : 32 character Alphanumeric LCD module

Electronic time totaliser and programmable electronic timer

Computations, recording, reporting and display: Averaging : every 5 minutes Reporting : 5 minutes average

Filter Media : Suitable for 47mm dia. PTFE, Nylon, Glass Fiber and Quartz Fiber filters.

Power Requirement: 230 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz.( 110 V, 60 Hz Optional )

Filter Temperature Measurement:

Range & Resolution: 50C to 500C with a resolution of 0.1 oC

Data Transfer port: RS-232 serial port for data transfer to PC or memory module.

Vacuum Pump: A diaphragm type pump with AC motor.


DETAILED SPECIFICATION FOR THE PM 2.5 sampler: ( without electronic control module):


Body : Heavy gauge Aluminum body, Compact and robust with front and side panel door

Filter Holder: Aluminum filter holder designed as per USEPA design

PM 2.5 wins impactor

Rotameter : Flow point make 0.3 to 3 LPM acrylic body Rotameter for measuring flow rate for gaseous sampling.

: Acrylic body 10 to 20 LPM for measurement of instantaneous flow in PM 2.5 sampling

Manifold : Acrylic body manifold with SS needle valves with four inlets and one outlet for measuring three gaseous samples at a time.

Impinger : Glass Impinger tubes of 35-ml capacity – 2 nos.

Impinger box: Acrylic body Impinger box to accommodate glass impingers.

Dry gas meter : For flow measurement – volume of sampled air during the sampling period in m3.

Blower : Monoblock Vacuum pump 50 LPM of air for air suction without pulsation .

Stabiliser : Voltage stabiliser to stabilise the voltage fluctuations 170 – 270 volts, 0.5 KVA. Stabiliser does not include Ampere meter.

Programmable Timer : 24-hour programmable timer with facility to pre set timings of the actual sampling duration of RDs for automatic start and stop of sampling

Time totaliser : Time totaliser for measuring sampling time in Hrs : mm