Yash Handy Air Sampler

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Yash Handy air sampler model PHS/21/2005 is designed for monitoring of gaseous pollutants in work place, shop floor, ambient air, fugitive emission and source emission from ducts, vents, process stack, fume hood etc. Various gaseous pollutants such as SO2, NOx are allowed to pass through respective absorbing solution in impinger tubes and then after concentration can be determined by laboratory analysis method. Yash Handy air sampler is compact, light weight, aluminum body and operated on 230 VAC power. No electronic parts considering its field application.


Body : Compact, light weight aluminum body

Vacuum source : Diapharm vacuum pump having capacity of 9 LPM.

Power : 230 VAC, 50 Hz, Mains.

Rotameter : Acrylic body 3 LPM Rotameter with control valve.

Impingers : 2 Nos. 35 ml capacity glass impingers.